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Biomat Profissional

Product Description

The Biomat Pro is recomended for:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Relieving muscle and joint pain
  • Stiffness and joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Relief of muscle spasms
  • Sprains, strains and back pain
  • Relaxation of muscles

The Professional Biomat comes with an amethyst mat, a protective blanket, a control panel and a travel bag. It is called pro due to the fact of being the same size as most medical stretchers and massage tables. Despite having a professional design, the Biomat can be used by everyone. It can be used at home, on the bed, sofa or floor. The product has a one year warranty.

Product Specifications

Biomat Profissessional 70x188cm
Weight 13kg (without the control panel)
Electricity consumption 160W
Voltage AC 120
Temperature 35º a 70ºC (95º a 158ºF)
Size of amethyst stones 5 a 12mm
Color of amethyst stones Violet
Format Natural
Polariscope test Dr
Refractive index 1.544 a 1.553
fluorescence LW No refraction, natural
Voltage 110V or 220V


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